The booking process

How does a booking go through? How long do I have to wait? Is there something I have to pay specific attention to?

These are important questions that we would like to answer for you.

  1. If you book through the online booking form, this booking is legally binding. Once we have received your booking, we will immediately send you a confirmation email.

  2. Once we receive your booking, we will first check the details and then place bookings in the respective hotels for you. As we tend to work with small, family-run hotels, there are usually several options in most places. We find out which specific hotel you will be staying at once we receive confirmations from the hotels.
    This is the reason why our trip descriptions offer information on hotel standards, but not on specific hotels.

  3. Once all hotels have replied to us, we will send you a separate trip confirmation email. This typically takes around three working days. Only now is your booking complete and you can proceed to making further bookings, eg train or flight tickets.

  4. Usually you will already receive your travel documents when we send you your trip confirmation email. However, you will receive them at the latest 4 weeks before your trip starts. If your booking is very short-notice, we may have to leave them at your first hotel.

  5. On receiving your booking confirmation, you will be required to pay the deposit. Please note the included bankruptcy insurance which is required under German law, provided on the insurance certificate.

  6. Please pay the remaining costs 4 weeks before your trip starts, which finalises your booking.
    The hotels are expecting you, we've taken care of transporting your luggage. If required, we have prepared your rental bikes and we would like to wish you an eventful bicycle tour!