MS Patria

MS Patria

The MS Patria is a mid-sized river cruise boat that can carry a maximum of 68 passengers.

  • built in 1941
  • reconstruction to a passanger ship
  • renovated in 2004
  • length: 68 m (223 ft), width: 7.7 m (25,3 ft)
    load draft: 1.85 m (6,1 ft)
  • crew: 7-12 men/women
  • sails under a Dutch flag
  • 2 decks: the main and the upper deck
  • languages spoken on board: English, German, Dutch

MS Patria - decks

  • 15 outside cabins on the main deck with sealed windows and individually adjustable air conditioning
  • 19 outside cabins on the upper deck, openable windows, no air conditioning

All cabins aboard the MS Patria offer approx. 7 sqm (73 sq ft) of floor space, with en-suite bathrooms, level-access beds, positioned with a slight offset.

MS Patria - cabins

  • on the main deck, you will find a cozily decorated restaurant
  • on the upper deck, you will find a climatised saloon with a small bar
  • the sunroof is partly sheltered, fully seated, with spaces to store your bikes

MS Patria - Restaurant
The MS Patria’s restaurant and saloon

MS Patria - Saloon

MS Patria - Sunroof

For health and safety reasons, smoking on MS Patria is only permitted on the sun deck!

Currently there are no boat & bike tours with MS Patria.