Dutch Hanseatic Tour - Premium Tour - map
At a glance
  • Beginning / End:
  • Duration of trip:
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Distance covered by bike:
    215-290 km / 133-180 mi
  • Distance per day:
    26 - 55 / 16 - 34 mi
  • Altitude profile:
    flat, however you may encounter headwinds
  • Profile:
    predominantly on paved, bikes-only cycle paths

If you don’t feel like cycling, stay aboard the ship!

Eating and drinking
This tour includes full board. In the mornings, you will receive a hearty breakfast, in the evenings we serve three-course meals. For the bike tours we provide you with packed lunches.

Dutch Hanseatic Tour - Premium Tour

From Amsterdam on MS Magnifique II from 1499 €

The Tour

Holländische Hansetour - Magnifique II

The Dutch Hanseatic Tour on the premium boats MS Magnifique II or MS Magnifique III will take you along the Rhine, the IJssel and the old coast of the former Zuiderzee. There are many forests and nature reserves to explore in this ancient cultural landscape, which came into wealth during the time of the Hanseatic League. Small and large Hanseatic towns are testament to this and await your visit. The polder areas in the new Flevoland Province are extensive and modern.
Here you can find more details of the premium boat MS Magnifique II.

Dutch Hanseatic Tour - MS Magnifique II

Day 1 Arrival in Amsterdam, boat trip to Wijk bij Duurstede
Check-in until 2 pm, then you will sail along the Amsterdam-Rhine-Canal to the small town Wijk, which is definitely worth a visit.

Day 2 Wageningen - Arnhem, 35-44 km/22-27 mi
The first bike tour takes you through the nature reserves ‘Blauwe Kamer’ and ‘Veluwe’. You will also visit the largest private Van Gogh art collection.

Day 3 Arnhem - Zutphen, 27-44 km/17-27 mi
Today you can choose between two different tours of varying lengths: Either you cycle along the IJssel, or through the romantic countryside with castles and country manors. Overnight stay in Deventer, known for its delicious spiced gingerbread.

Day 4 Hattem - Kampen, 36-45 km/-22-28 mi
Continue along the banks of the IJssel and who wants through the eastern Veluwe. Hattem and Kampen are two more impressive Hanseatic cities; Kampen the largest Hanseatic city in the Netherlands.

Day 5 Roggebotschleuse-Harderwijk, approx. 48 km/30 mi
Cycle along the Veluwemeer, a remainder of the former Zuiderzee, which is a popular tourist destination today. Enjoy the evening in the picturesque fishing village of Harderwij and indulge in one of the town's restaurants.

Day 6 Harderwijk - Spakenburg, 35-59 km/22-37 mi
To the left of the former coastline you can see villages and forests, to the right reclaimed polder areas. This region is ideal of cycling. The choice is between a shorter tour along the shore or a combination of shore and forest trails.

Day 7 Huizen - Amsterdam, approx. 35 km/22 mi
First you will visit the old fortress towns Naarden and Muiden. Then you will cycle to Amsterdam, where you will have lots of time to explore the city.

Day 8 Tag Departure
After breakfast your Dutch Hanseatic Tour comes to an end.

Dutch Hanseatic Tour - Magnifique II - Zwolle
Dutch Hanseatic Tour - Premium Tour
Prices & Dates

Prices & Dates

Here you can find more details about the premium boat MS Magnifique II.

Included in your package "Dutch Hanseatic Tour":

  • 7 nights aboard
  • full board (7 x breakfast, 6 xpacked lunches,
    6 x dinner; no dinner in Harderwijk)
  • complimentary coffee/tea until 4 pm daily
  • daily cabin cleaning
  • bed linen and towels supplied
  • welcome drink
  • several short guided tours
  • entrance museum Airborne
  • visit of a cheese dairy
  • guided tour through Deventer
  • ferry trips
  • bike tours with english speaking tour guide
  • daily cycling stage briefings
  • detailed travel documents in english
  • GPS tracks
  • water bottle
  • rental helmet
  • optional rental bike


  • 4 suites, upper deck, approx. 14 sqm (151 sq ft)
  • 1 2-bed cabin premium, lower deck, approx. 13 sqm (140 sq ft)
  • 12 outside cabins, lower deck, approx. 11 sqm (118 sq ft)
    separate level-access single beds
  • 3rd bed possible in two 2-bed cabins and one suite
  • (only for children up to approx. 16 years)
  • individuelly controlled A/C unit
  • windows in the upper deck cabins can be opened

Rental bicycles:

  • We offer comfortable unisex-bikes with 7-speed gearboxes/freewheel, equipped with a bike bag and a bike lock. We also offer e-bikes if desired.
  • If you choose to wear a helmet, we recommend using your own due to the variety of head sizes and shapes and for hygienic reasons.

Travel time 2024:

  • Arrival on thursdays
    27.06. + 08.08. + 15.08.


All prices are per person.

04.07. + 08.08. + 15.08

  • 1499 € 2-bed cabin lower deck
  • 1749 € premium twin cabin lower deck
  • 2099 € suite upper deck
  • 2249 € 2-bed cabin lower deck, single occupancy
  • 1699 € premium cabin lower deck, 3rd bed up to 16 y
  • 1999 € suite upper deck, 3rd bed up to 16 y


  • 1599 € 2-bed cabin lower deck
  • 1849 € premium twin cabin lower deck
  • 2199 € suite upper deck
  • 2399 € 2-bed cabin lower deck, single occupancy
  • 1799 € premium cabin lower deck, 3rd bed up to 16 y
  • 2099 € suite upper deck, 3rd bed up to 16 y
  •   100 € rental bike
  •   250 € e-bike
  •     10 € private bike
  •     25 € private e-bike
  •   175 € parking in Amsterdam (valet parking)
  •  + 35 € bicycle carrier
  •     16 € canal boat cruise in Amsterdam, 1 h
  • Booking code: "Dutch Hanseatic Tour - Premium Tour":
  • how you can save some money
  • costs of cancellation

The booking process

The Tour


Arrival for the "Dutch Hanseatic Tour on MS Magnifique II":

  • Arrival by car:
    There are three options of parking your car for the duration of the trip. In any case, please drive to the quay first and bring your luggage and (if applicable) personal bike aboard. Then
    - drive to the car park Oosterdok near Amsterdam Centraal station. Costs are approx. 175 € / week.
    - make use of our parking service from Centralparking. We will arrange for your car to be picked up from the quay, stored safely and returned to the ship. Your vehicle is insured against all types of damage or theft and will be parked in a protected underground facility. Advance booking necessary.
    - if you have bike racks mounted on the car, the cost increases by 35 €/week.
    - you can park your car free of charge in the streets or on a P+R- parking lot in Abcoude. Good train connection to Amsterdam, duration approx. 20 minutes, departure approx. every 30 minutes, cost approx. 4,20 €.
  • Arrival by train:
    Amsterdam Centraal station, get the 48 bus to the quay, duration approx. 10 minutes, cost approx 3 €.
  • Arrival by plane:
    Shiphol Airport, take the train to Amsterdam Centraal station (approx. 20 minutes, approx. 5 €), followed by the 48 bus to the quay (approx. 10 minutes / 3 €)
    Alternatively, get a taxi from the airport to the quay, cost: approx. 45 € per vehicle. There are several private and scheduled providers, see e.g. here.

Personal bikes:
In principle, you can bring your own bike along. However, please note that your bike will be loaded on and off the boat twice a day along with several others and therefore slight cosmetic damage to individual bikes cannot be ruled out, which is why we do not take responsibility or liability for such damage. We recommend reserving one the excellent rental bikes we offer.

Perfectly looked after:
During your tour, we are available between 8 am and 8 pm, 7 days a week. We are happy to help with any kind of problems you might be having. You will find this emergency number in your travel documents.

Please note:

  • As is the case with all boat trips, changes in travel itineraries due to the weather, the rivers’ water levels or technical issues can be undertaken at any time.
The Tour
Prices & Dates
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